Bed Headboards for Sale

Dress up your bed — and the entire room — with a trendy headboard. Show off your sense of style with a wild pattern, or go simple with an understated color. The variety of options and materials allows you to select a headboard as plush or as modest as you want. Unique design elements, such as fun shapes and nailhead accents, enable you to choose from headboards that best fit your style. Create a gorgeous bedroom, starting with the head of the bed. Once you see the end result, you’ll never want to leave. More

How to Choose a Headboard

Much like picture frames, headboards focus attention on where it matters. They instantly dress up walls and beds, and many come with helpful storage options or cozy backrests for late-night reading or TV viewing. As part of a set or a statement all on their own, these pieces are excellent for showing off your creativity and personal style.

Factoring in Size & Budget

To pick the right headboard size, consider what will look best with your existing room and furniture. Typically, they are the same width as the bed or wider to create visual balance in the room. Headboards that are too small make beds and other furniture appear oversized. Those who are tight on space may also want to consider a slim, wall-mounted piece, while those with large rooms to fill can go as big and plush as they want. Remember to take into account that smaller pieces tend to have smaller price tags and may be better options for budget-conscious buyers. Find the right size headboard that works for you:

The width you choose for your headboard will depend on your mattress size. Choose a headboard that matches the size of your mattress so that it will attach to your mattress frame and create a polished look. Often Full/Queen sized headboards and King/California King are designed with multiple attachment holes to fit either size mattress frame but this isn’t always the case so check the sizing carefully.

The height of your headboard will depend on your room layout, ceiling height, wall hangings and your style preferences. Tall headboards add drama to your room, while lower headboards can have an understated minimal appeal or lend a modern vibe.

Certain headboard heights may also work better for you and your space. The long, vertical lines of tall pieces can draw the eye upwards, making the most of rooms with high ceilings. On the other hand, keeping them relatively short makes low-ceilinged rooms look more spacious, like panel and slat headboards. Additionally, tall pieces tend to limit the need for other wall decor.

Many headboards offer the option of adjusting the height up or down by several inches to accommodate different mattress heights. Ideally, you want the bottom of your headboard to be at or just below the surface of your mattress so that you can enjoy as much of your headboard as possible without any gap showing. If your headboard sits higher than the top of your mattress and is not adjustable, use pillow shams and decorative pillows to hide any gap.

Choosing a Style

Headboards are available in a wide range of shapes and styles. Arched, camelback or scooped add elegant curves to your decor, while stepped and rectangular headboards have a straightforward linear, geometric presence.

Styles range from traditional to modern, and from rustic and casual to luxe and formal. Consider your existing room decor, but don’t be afraid to experiment by mixing styles for a custom-tailored, individual look.

For old-world charm, try tufted leather headboards. Oversized wooden pieces with stark, clean lines add a modern touch, while curvy, wrought iron headboards are romantic and whimsical. Additional decorative details, like buttons, quilting, or nail heads, can also lend character to your space. They should complement the pieces in your room, but can also introduce texture and depth to existing designs like floral. For example, if you have mostly soft, upholstered pieces in your bedroom, consider a wooden headboard for some needed contrast.

Depending on your preferences and the needs of your space, you may prefer solid or open designs. Solid wood or upholstered are large pieces that create instant focal points in any bedroom. However, for those with small rooms or plans to place their headboards in front of windows, open pieces with slats or bars can create the illusion of greater space while letting in natural light.

Deciding on Materials

Upholstered headboards are made of composite wood with a layer of soft, fabric-covered foam. Leather, cotton, and linen are popular and durable fabric choices that come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. Fabrics like velvet, brocade and silk are undeniably luxurious, but are also expensive and wear easily. Quality wrought iron and solid wood headboards can last a lifetime. Some wood pieces also provide helpful built-in shelves or ledges to store mugs, reading glasses, alarm clocks, reading lights, books, and decorations.

Selecting Colors

Wood headboards range in color from ash to mahogany, with options to fit any room. Stay in the same color family as your existing bedroom furniture. For example, oak furniture and walnut don't match exactly, but both have warm, yellow tones that pair well. For an element of the unexpected, try metal. Metal pieces look fresh and modern when painted, while those that retain their natural patina can look either antique or industrial. Upholstered headboards provide even more choices, with almost unlimited fabric options. To pick the best shade, consider the wall space behind your headboard. Neutral pieces pop against brightly painted walls, while dark headboards add drama to light-colored spaces. Check out our variety of colors including: