Elegant Dressers

Elegant Double Bedroom Dressers

Whatever decor style you prefer, you can find an elegant dresser to suit your tastes. Tie your classic bedroom together using a chocolate brown dresser with ornate, European-style accents. To create a more updated look, try a contemporary model featuring framed nickel inlay and a soft ivory finish. Favor a rustic vibe? Choose a weathered wood dresser in a rugged gray or beige shade.

Elegant dressers also have gorgeous accents that give any room a chic boost. Decorative crown molding and brass hardware enhance the dignified aura of your master suite. Meanwhile, striking silver finishes and crystal drawer pulls promote an extravagant, refreshing feel in a guest room. Some dressers even have beaded detailing and carved ribbons to lend a luxurious look to your baby's nursery.