Dresser & Mirror Sets

Bedroom Dresser with Mirror Sets

You should have a dresser and mirror set that reflects your good taste in furniture. And with this diverse selection, you can. We carry styles ranging from chic and contemporary to timeless and traditional. With different shapes, such as oval and square, and bold colors, you’re sure to find a mirror you love. The best part: These beautifully crafted wooden frames are designed and finished to complement the collection of dressers. More

How to Choose a Dresser Mirror

More than just a way to check your look as you dress in the morning, mirrors create an illusion of space and light when placed atop your dresser. Mirrors are also a simple way to complement your existing decor. If your bedroom lacks natural light, a dresser mirror can reflect the sun’s rays to brighten the room.

Size and Budget

Dresser mirrors usually come as part of a bedroom set, but you can also purchase them separately. When purchased as part of a set, they are typically attached to the dresser with supports, but a mirror can look just as great hung on the wall above the dresser. Keep in mind when choosing your piece that it doesn’t have to match perfectly. To utilize your space best, get a mirror that is approximately two-thirds the width of your dresser. This will create a pleasing aesthetic. Dresser mirrors come in various sizes and prices. Smaller mirrors are attractive to bargain decorators, while large, custom mirrors can get expensive.

Color, Shape, & Material

Dresser mirrors come in many shapes and materials to fit the style of any bedroom. Shapes like circles and triangles make great design accents, though they often don't provide enough surface space to fully display your outfit or room. For a more functional piece, try a rectangular or oval dresser mirror. When deciding on a mirror frame, either match the finish on your bedroom furniture or choose pieces that pick up the colors in your bedspread, curtains, furniture hardware, or carpet. These colors include:

Frames with ornate detailing are great for traditional spaces, while sleek, contemporary mirror designs are more versatile. Mirror frames are typically made from wood or metal, which offer almost unlimited finish, texture, and paint color options.