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Z Gallerie

The Z Gallerie’s motto, anything but ordinary, perfectly captures the unique, stylish aesthetic of this retailerThe chic, sophisticated feel of this store is emblematic of Z Gallerie's underlying belief that style and design matter, no detail should be overlooked, and that any room can be transformed into a glamorous space.

From Classic Posters to Modern Glamor

Z Gallerie was founded in California in 1979 by three siblings. The company began as a small poster shop, where Carole Malfatti, Joe, and Mike Zeiden framed and sold posters from their home. As the business grew, they branched into other home decorations and eventually began selling home furnishings in the early 80s. From there, the popularity of the company has grown, and their belief that glamor should be accessible to everyone is a philosophy still very much alive in every Z Gallerie store.

Furniture for Every Room

Whether you're looking to furnish the bedroom, living room, or dining room, you'll find options at Z Gallerie. Their home furniture collections are extensive, offering options for every room in the house. From sofas and sectionals to chairs, recliners, tables, beds, and bookcases, you'll find hundreds of options at their online or in-person locations. The store features outdoor furniture and furnishings for entryways and small spaces, ensuring every nook and cranny in your house is stylish and appropriately furnished.

Accents & Decorations

Besides furniture, Z Gallerie has a wide selection of decor options and accents to bring modern glamor into your home. They offer everything from pillows and throws to flora and window accessories. Moreover, if you want to add wall art, mirrors, lighting, tabletops, rugs, and a wide selection of gift ideas, there's nothing you can't find at Z Gallerie.

A Community of Artists

What sets Z Gallerie apart from other stores is its unwavering commitment to fostering and nurturing the community of artists that make Z Gallerie's designs one-of-a-kind. Z Gallerie considers its customers to be artists who aren't afraid of color, appreciate exquisite design, and understand the power of surrounding themselves with things they love.

Check Out Z Gallerie

Z Gallerie offers a unique shopping experience, expertly curated collections, and a knowledgeable staff ready to help you find the perfect pieces for your home. They also provide design services to help you create a cohesive look for your space.

For anyone who likes to curate and decorate their indoor spaces carefully, Z Gallerie is the place to go. Whether you want to include a few decorating touches or are looking to overhaul your interior, check out the Z Gallerie.

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