IKEA vs. Bob's Discount Furniture

Comparing IKEA and Bob's Discount Furniture

Comparing IKEA vs. Bob's Discount Furniture

Before you buy furniture, it's important to take the time to research all of your choices. The first step to choosing the right option begins with examining the differences between IKEA vs. Bob's Discount Furniture to see which sells the best items for your needs.


Both companies have stores across the country, but locations vary by state. IKEA has over 400 showrooms throughout the world, more than 50 of which are in the U.S., while Bob's Discount Furniture has around 120. These retailers also have a strong online presence for customers who live outside of driving distance.

Style and Selection

Style is one of the key differences between IKEA and Bob's Discount Furniture, though both sell pieces for the entire home.


These collections emphasize IKEA's signature Scandinavian sensibility. Clean, modern lines, simple construction, and functional designs are defining features for this retailer. In addition to furnishings, the store carries home decor, modular kitchens, appliances, and a variety of essential home goods.

Bob's Discount Furniture

You'll find an array of options at Bob's Discount Furniture. Whether your home is traditional, transitional, or contemporary, there are plenty of available styles to outfit every room. Plus, you can browse an assortment of mattresses, including the company's proprietary brand.


While IKEA and Bob's Discount Furniture work to provide fair and affordable choices, each takes a unique approach to shipping and delivery.


IKEA has two methods for getting products to patrons. Smaller goods, such as accessories and linens, ship via standard ground delivery and shipping rates increase based on the weight of your order. On the other hand, the retailer determines fees for oversized furniture by distance.

Bob's Discount Furniture

You can choose from several tiers at Bob's Discount Furniture. Customers may select a premium white glove service that includes delivery, assembly, and cleanup. If you're okay with fewer amenities, opt for a lower cost option, such as picking up from your local store. The company also offers shipping directly from the manufacturer on some items.


Most of IKEA's products come with a limited warranty, the length of which depends on the specific category. You should hold on to the original receipt in case you need to take advantage of this policy. Bob's Discount Furniture has a one-year guarantee for factory defects, as well as an optional five-year plan.

Philosophy and Values

Ethics and ideals matter to those who would rather shop at retailers that practice corporate responsibility. Fostering inclusivity and eco-friendliness, IKEA strives to run a sustainable business. Bob's Discount Furniture gives back to communities by donating money and furniture to several charitable organizations.

Returns and Exchanges

Sometimes customers change their minds after making a purchase. IKEA accepts returns on almost all products for one year, and you can make one exchange on mattresses. Bob's Discount Furniture allows order cancellation up to the day of delivery for a full refund, with a few exceptions for things like beds, rugs, and linens.

Special Services and Features


Both IKEA and Bob's Discount Furniture serve food in-store. Every IKEA has a restaurant that sells Swedish foods, like meatballs and lingonberry juice. Hot dogs, French fries, and other treats are also available. Some Bob's Discount Furniture shops have a cafe that provides free gourmet coffee and sweet treats.


Shoppers who want to finance their new home decor have several choices. IKEA offers two different types of credit cards for those who qualify. These come with deals like points and interest-free periods for large purchases. Bob's Discount Furniture provides similar financing, plus a lease to own plan.

Which Should You Pick?

There are many differences between IKEA and Bob's Discount Furniture, so weigh your options carefully to determine which retailer meets your shopping needs. Each company has a range of warranty and delivery policies that come down to individual preference. Personal taste may be the biggest factor to consider since these stores each cater to unique design aesthetics.