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These furniture lines make the most out of your home’s architecture and add a dash of luxury effortlessly. Whether you’re going for a cutting-edge modern look or a timeless contemporary style enthusiast, Crate & Barrel has something to offer. Without further ado, here are some of our favorite collections:

Crate & Barrel’s Living Room Fuller Collection

The first collection we bring you, as part of our best furniture store reviews series, is Crate and Barrel’s Fuller Collection Living Room Set.

Perfect for modern interiors, this Fuller Living Room Collection adds elegance and a beautiful balance between style and organic decorations. This collection features a three-piece set that screams versatility, composed of a Sleeper Sofa, a Chair Sleeper, and a Left-arm Chaise.

The Fuller Sleeper Sofa not only brings you a generous seat and back cushions, its right-arm storage chaise perfectly conceals space for mattress essentials (blankets, pillows, sheets). Additionally, its left-arm sleeper hides a deployable, super-comfy queen mattress for two.

Perfect for guests that had a bit too much to drink, this sofa turns your living room into a comfortable guest bedroom. The ThermaGel mattress keeps your friends safe and comfortable for the night and will earn you their gratitude.

The Chair Sleeper is another reason to love the Fuller Collection. Its cushy back support absorbs and responds to your body weight as you join conversations, enjoy a movie, or listen to music with a nice cup of wine by your side. Getting sleepy? No worries! unpack its one-inch layer ThermaGel individual mattress, and give in to a night of deep, uninterrupted sleep.

If you’re into minimalism and modern designs, you are going to love this classy left-arm chaise. In full french neoclassical fashion, this living room addition can create a welcoming environment that’s also aesthetically pleasing. Perfect for lounging out, it can work as the center-piece for any uncluttered walls in your living room that feature posters or a big painting (Not to mention that it can also work as an emergency rest pad).

Crate & Barrel Home Office Collection

The second collection we bring you, as part of our best furniture store reviews series, is Crate & Barrel Home Office Collection.

For many of us, the office is two doors away from our bedroom. Creating a stylish home office has become necessary as remote work dynamics continue to evolve in our tech-centered times. In this regard, using the best that modern interior design style offers will boost our productivity.

Crate & Barrel is expanding its Home Office Collection by offering pieces from designers such as Blake Tovin, and brands such as Hawthorn to offer a modern desk and chair combination:

Modern home offices can be as sleek or cozy as you desire, even while capturing the best of modern interior designs. Most designers agree that Architectural simplicity, lack of clutter, and seamless elegance are needed for workspaces, and this collection certainly brings that (and more!) to the table.

Inevitably, the Clybourn Walnut Executive Desk is a practical and ergonomic furniture piece with an executive look. Practical and wheel-chair friendly, this desk provides you with a covered space for your computer keyboard as part of its intended no-need for adjustment design. You can fluidly reach across its main surface without unnecessarily straining your back, or reach out and slide its drawers with little to no effort.

More people than ever are discovering the benefits of working from home. One of the top factors that bolster productivity (especially in an environment that is prone to distractions) is to have ergonomic seating. Ergonomic seating allows workers to preserve a healthy posture and reinforces a pleasurable experience (even when faced with several hours of work ahead).

The chair’s polished aluminum materials, adjustable ergonomic controls, supportive mesh back, and upholstered seat make it an optimal pair for the Clybourn Walnut Desk. Besides, it also matches the lightness and visual appeal that a modern style home office space should always present.

Final Thoughts About Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel's line of furniture excels in rooms with lots of negative space (open spaces to transit that prevent a cluttered look), while making the most of your room’s architectural characteristics. Crate & Barrel also connects its customer audience with expert craftsmen and designers, allowing them to tap-in novel designs that stand out from more generic options.

Crate & Barrel is committed to delighting its customers every step of the way. Making available to all its visitors, images powered by digital design and visualization tools that provide seamless shopping solutions online. Their vast online community also allows them to showcase detailed proof of their catalog’s quality from verified customers as well, ensuring you make informed decisions at all times.

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