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About Coaster Fine Furniture Company

Coaster Furniture

Since its inception in 1981, Coaster Furniture has delivered quality home furnishings to consumers across North America. Now a second-generation, family-owned company, the Coaster Furniture product line offers beautiful living room, bedroom, dining room and home office furniture and decor in a variety of styles.

With nine distribution centers and over 800 employees nationwide, Coaster Furniture is one of the largest importers and distributors of furniture today. Several authorized dealers and e-commerce sites sell pieces from the company's catalog, too. This network of retail partners allows Coaster Furniture products to reach most of North America.

There are four main collections within the greater Coaster Furniture product line. Coaster Everyday provides reliable pieces at budget prices, while Coaster Essence offers premium materials and elegant style at upper-middle price ranges. For casual living spaces, there's Coaster Elevations. Lastly, Coaster Sleep features a suite of comfy mattresses in an array of sizes for a quality night's sleep.

Where Is Coaster Furniture Made?

Coaster Furniture imports furniture from around the world, though their pieces come from factories located in Asia and Central America. All of the brand's products are tested for quality standards before sale to ensure durable construction and lasting style.

Coaster Furniture Quality

Authorized dealers and online stores selling Coaster Furniture products work closely with the distributor to ensure rapid delivery and responsive customer service. Clients can get replacement parts directly from licensed dealers. However, except in cases of manufacturer defects, the company does not currently accept returns.

Coaster Furniture Types

The selection of pieces from Coaster Furniture encompasses a wide variety of decor styles. Chic contemporary living room sets, rustic dining room suites and luxurious traditional bedroom pieces are just a small sampling of the brand's diverse offerings. Accent pieces like ottomans, grandfather clocks, wall art and more are also available to complete your unique layout.

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