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Coaster Furniture

Coaster Furniture has become a renowned home furniture brand since opening its doors in 1981. The company offers extensive furniture products and sets that cater to all tastes and preferences. From sophisticated sofas, sectionals, and accent chairs for the living room to luxurious beds, dressers, and nightstands for the bedroom, Coaster Furniture ensures all your home furnishing needs are met with style and quality.

The brand also features a wide range of dining room sets, home office furniture, and children's furniture.

Four Distinct Furniture Brands

Coaster Furniture offers four distinct furniture brands, each tailored to match their customer's unique styles and varied budgets. By electing to develop different brands, the company strives to ensure there's always something to match everyone's needs and preferences.


Simple yet elegant, providing customers with style and quality. Home furnishing products integrate form, function, and value to offer affordable options.


Focused on comfortable, high-quality, and fashionable home furnishings products designed by furniture experts to reflect a timeless beauty.


Caters to those who wish to elevate the atmosphere of their homes and casual living spaces by incorporating premium, elegant designs.


A "dream brand focused" on providing a relaxing sleep experience. Coaster sleep is focused on bringing optimal rest and rejuvenation to customers.

Exceptional Craftsmanship and Durability

Want to create your dream home? Explore the vast selection of elegant and high-quality furniture offered by Coaster Furniture and take the next step to transform your living spaces with unrivaled comfort and sophistication.

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