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For over 30 years, the Atlantic Furniture company has been a go-to brand for furniture and decor shoppers. A collection of long-lasting hardwood furnishings has been the brand's claim to fame since the beginning. At the same time, Atlantic's use of sustainable materials makes its catalog a popular choice for environmentally-conscious customers.

As a world-renowned organization, Atlantic Furniture partners with brick-and-mortar retailers all around the globe. Shoppers throughout the United States and overseas can stop in at their local furniture store and browse their selection of stylish pieces from the Atlantic Furniture brand.

Customers who enjoy shopping online can also find many Atlantic Furniture products on their preferred furniture retailer's website. On the brand's own webpage, patrons can look through the Atlantic Furniture catalog, create wishlists of their favorite items and place an order to bring these pieces home.

Atlantic Furniture takes pride in its products and offers generous warranties on all its furnishings to ensure lasting style and quality. The brand's warranties cover damaged finishes, frames and fabrics, along with defective mechanical components of recliners and tables with built-in USB ports. Customers who receive damaged furnishings from Atlantic can return eligible items for a full refund.

Where is Atlantic Furniture Made?

Company founder Mark Valone designs each piece of Atlantic furniture at the brand's headquarters in Deerfield, MA. From there, the company sends the furniture ideas to one of their local or international manufacturing partners. Finally, all furnishings return to Deerfield and undergo a thorough inspection before shipping to furniture retailers and customers' homes.

Atlantic Furniture Quality

Sustainable materials and superior artistry are the backbone of the Atlantic Furniture brand. The company manufactures its products using eco-friendly, plantation-grown hardwood such as rubberwood, mahogany, white birch and Italian poplar. Pieces from Atlantic also go through a five-step finishing process that helps protect the wood from splintering, fading and rotting over time.

Atlantic Furniture Types

Atlantic offers a selection of living room tables, bed frames, storage shelves, dining chairs and home office desks. Shoppers can also order replacement pieces like bed slats and folding mattresses for the company's line of Murphy bed chests. With a range of traditional, rustic, modern and coastal designs available, customers can discover the perfect stylish pieces to suit their aesthetic.