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Aaron’s is a lease-to-own furniture company that offers name-brand furniture, home appliances, and electronics. In 1955, Charlie Loudermilk founded Aaron’s in Atlanta, Georgia. Today, the business has expanded to include over 1,300 company-owned and franchised stores across America and Canada.

When Loudermilk launched Aaron’s, his mission was simple but ground-breaking: He wanted to make quality furniture accessible to underserved, working-class Americans. To accomplish this goal, Aaron’s developed a unique rent-to-own model. Customers can pay for their new furniture with regular, interest-free lease renewal payments. People who make all their lease renewal payments on time or choose an early buyout option will own their furniture outright. This convenient approach allows customers to purchase furniture without having to finance it on a credit card or pay the full amount upfront.

Aaron’s offers an enormous selection of quality, rent-to-own furniture for every room in your house. You can choose between over 1,500 bedroom sets from leading furniture manufacturers like Ashley and Elements International. These furniture sets come in a wide variety of design styles, including farmhouse, shabby chic, and traditional. Plus, you can enjoy a quality night’s sleep on a hybrid or pillow-top mattress from popular brands like Beautyrest and Serta.

If you’re ready to update your living room, Aaron’s has many cozy and stylish options to meet all your entertainment needs. Snuggle up with your family to binge your favorite show on an oversized sectional or sofa chaise, or curl up in a soft armchair for a weekend reading session. Aaron’s large inventory makes it easy to mix and match individual pieces for a unique look, or you can simplify your decision-making by choosing a coordinated two- or three-piece furniture set.

Aaron’s also has plenty of recreational furniture and electronics you can use to level up your free time. Classic arcade games, billiard tables, and game consoles will transform your home into a fun-filled entertainment center. You can also soak up the summer sunshine with durable metal or wicker patio furniture. When you’re ready to go back inside, a deck box or outdoor storage cabinet provides plenty of space to store gardening supplies and toys.

Head to Aaron’s website to explore quality lease-to-own furniture options. 

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