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Vintage Inspired Home Decor & Furniture

Vintage-style furniture is perfect for those who want to avoid today’s cookie-cutter styles. Often, shoppers scour flea markets and antique shops looking for pieces of Americana that complete their vision. If you’d rather skip the scavenger hunt and shop our site, we have an abundant collection of vintage-style furniture that lets you add a classy, historical look to any room without the hefty price tag that is usually attached to those pieces. Take a look and see what catches your eye.  More

What is Vintage Decor

Vintage describes a wide-ranging assortment of styles that capture the look of decades gone by. Whether built in the past or crafted anew with design elements inspired by looks from the last 30-100 years, vintage style offers an opportunity for you to add chic and unique distinction to your abode.

Some vintage pieces have a timeworn feel to them, others are crisp and new with reminiscent lines, textiles and details. The window of time characterizing vintage style falls neatly between furnishings over 100 years old which qualify as antiques and furnishings younger than 30 years old that are merely considered used.

To find authentic vintage pieces you could scour consignment and antique shops, armed with patient persistence and an eagle eye.  However, for the vast majority of us who don’t have that kind of time or tenacity, manufactures are producing an array of brand new choices that have a vintage feel.  Some of these new pieces boast a distressed finish giving them a timeworn feel, others offer a pristine refurbished look. These pieces are described as vintage, yet they are more accurately termed vintage-look or vintage-inspired and sometimes labeled retro or heirloom look.

An Assortment of Styles

With a range of 70 decades, the term vintage includes many style trends. Here some of the most popular looks on the market today:

Aged and romantic, some vintage-inspired decor features ornate details from an undefined time period; vaguely early 1900s and a timeworn patina creating an instant sense of history when you add them to your room.

Luxury meets symmetry in Art Deco decor. Based on style from the 1920s-40s, look for bold geometric patterns and details to achieve this distinctive look.

The golden age of Hollywood glamour captivated the hearts of America in the 1930s. These vintage styles have found their way into today’s households celebrating drama and luxurious details like fringe on lampshades, silk or velvet fabrics, crystal chandeliers, glossy finishes and feminine touches.

Mid-century modern has been one of the biggest and long-lived trends in vintage furnishings. Capturing the clean lines, smooth curves and captivating angles popular in the ’40s and ’50s.

Capture the look of the 1950s, '60s and '70s styles, inspired by retro diner decor, mod stylings and groovy patterns

There are different flavors of vintage looks that are inspired by locale rather than dates including vintage farmhouse, exotic vintage West Indies and the like.

Whether you are looking to redecorate a room from scratch or simply embellish with a few accents, vintage style is a great way to add a distinctive flair to your home.