Shabby Chic Decor & Furniture

Shabby Chic Style Furniture & Decor

Known for its charming signs of wear and tear, shabby chic-style furniture offers an antique feel without being formal and ornate. You might be surprised to learn that shabby chic style originated in Great Britain, reflecting the furniture and décor found in large country houses. Shabby chic has several popular variations including cottage chic, beach cottage chic, French country, and Gustavian (Swedish). Explore our collection of beautiful, shabby chic-style furniture today.

Shabby Chic Living Room

To create the perfect cozy living space, start with a shabby chic sofa that features elements like rolled arms or a distressed light wood frame. Add a round or rectangle shabby chic coffee table and look for models with lower shelves so you can add extra storage with adorable woven baskets or bins.

In shabby chic decorating, the little touches help create the big picture. A shabby chic chair with delicate patterned upholstery is a good start, but the addition of an accent table and a vintage-inspired shabby chic lamp build on that foundation to create a cohesive look that's practical as well as stylish.

Kitchens and Dining Rooms

Well-loved dishware, seasoned cast-iron pans and the aroma of baking bread is what a shabby chic kitchen is all about. Bring in several shabby chic dining chairs, either a coordinated set or a mismatched pairing, to add seating to a kitchen island, or swap out your side chairs for a shabby chic bench in a breakfast nook to create a cozy setting for your morning coffee.

A shabby chic dining room has a similar effect on mealtimes. Gather your loved ones around a shabby chic dining table decorated with a simple runner or a shabby chic-style tableau of antique canisters or houseplants in glazed ceramic pots. Arrange a distressed shabby chic rug under the table to put the finishing touch on your layout.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Design

Using shabby chic furniture in your bedroom adds cozy charm to the end of each day as well as your morning routine. Start with a shabby chic bed with a poster or panel frame and style it with comfy sheets, a comforter and other shabby chic bedding like a lightweight patterned quilt or coverlet.

Once you have your bed frame and mattress for your shabby chic bedroom, look for pieces that will help build on your look. Ivory shabby chic nightstands are perfect for antique-style lamps as well as your nighttime essentials, while a shabby chic dresser in a light wood or pale blue finish completes the layout and adds more storage to your room.

Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas

To bring your shabby chic interior design to the rest of the house, look for accents that reflect this cozy, lived-in style. Look for shabby chic wall decor that emphasizes lacy patterns, muted colors and natural finishes. Carved shabby chic floor lamps with linen shades help illuminate dark corners, while a shabby chic chandelier can serve as the showpiece of your entryway.

To bring your shabby chic decorating ideas to the whole house, consider distressed accent cabinets and a shabby chic desk for your home office. Or, position a lovely whitewashed wooden table with antiqued bronze accents below a shabby chic mirror to create a vintage-inspired bathroom vanity.