Storage Baskets

Storage Basket Stands & Towers for Small Spaces

Decorating with a storage basket stand, tower or set is a smart option for those who want to add function with some flair. Our collection highlights gorgeous options from beachy woven designs to modern metal styles. We offer storage baskets that blend with or add flair to your decor while creating space to stow blankets, trinkets and bathroom necessities. More

Handy in so many ways throughout the home, baskets add beauty to your surroundings while helping keep clutter at bay. As useful in the kitchen and playroom as in the living room or den, you’ll find an unlimited number of places for these clever containers.

Historically, man has been fabricating baskets since ancient times. Originally woven from grasses, reeds, woods and cane, you can find baskets constructed today of similar materials. However, if you search you are likely to find these woven holders crafted from a wide range of flexible materials – fabric, plastics, metals, and even paper.

Traditional or modern, the sizes, shapes, materials and weave patterns vary dramatically. Whether you are a rustic traditionalist or prefer a more contemporary look, you are sure to find plenty of options for baskets to add beauty and functionality to your home.

Baskets in your Entryway

The perfect addition to catching the keys, loose change and the daily mail, a basket on the console in the entryway quickly becomes indispensable. Consider a basket with a fine or intricate weave. And if you prefer to keep the clutter hidden, simply select a basket with a lid.

Bookcase Organizing Baskets

Often square baskets with lids will help contain small items while fitting easily within the grid of a bookshelf or bookcase. These are useful for photo collections, small keepsakes, or toys. In a home office, baskets can be useful for storing receipts, correspondence, files, and other paperwork.

Living Room Clutter Containers

Need a place to store magazines, remote controls, and your current book? A basket on the lower shelf of a coffee table provides much-needed storage to keep your living room clutter-free. No lower shelf? No problem! Simply center the basket on the floor below the table, or tuck it beneath an end table to be even further out of the way.

Larger baskets can be used freestanding in the living room and a large lidded basket could even be used as an end table. The larger variety offers excellent storage for anything from family games to seasonal throws.

Baskets Used in Media Cabinets

Keep extra cords, controllers and media accessories contained with baskets in your media cabinet. TV tables and media consoles collect all sorts of wires, cables, connectors and small devices. Square baskets tend to work well in small cubbies or on shelves, functioning almost like added drawers. Baskets become the perfect solution for containing the clutter while adding interesting texture to your media area.

Bathroom Catchalls

Whether you need a small spot for extra supplies in a half bath, a way to display travel-sized toiletries in the guest bath or serious organization to make the most of your master bath, baskets create a welcoming addition to any bathroom in your home.

Baskets to Organize Kid Spaces

Kids rooms, nurseries, playrooms and basements all benefit from the addition of baskets for storage. The perfect location for favorite toys, frequently used sports equipment, or even to keep extra blankets handy, baskets can serve so many purposes. Both accessible and casual, kids find it easy to tidy up their space by tossing items into a basket. And easy means more likely used … something most parents love to hear!

Finding the Right Fit

Versatile storage baskets work great as an accent in any room. You can display netted pieces in your bedroom or living area to tuck items away in style. Add copper baskets to your bathroom or kitchen for a little farmhouse chic. Our vast selection offers something for every taste and mood.

From top to bottom, baskets add texture, interest, color and containment to your home. Look at different materials and unique weave techniques to create a fresh and original look, or go with rustic, traditional looks for a classic feel. Either way, you can’t go wrong adding a basket to just about any room in your house.