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For apartment dinettes, breakfast nooks, and other tight spaces, there are many benefits to small dining room sets. These charming collections are the perfect size for casual family meals and typically cost less than a grander, more formal set. If intimate gatherings and cozy table settings sound appealing, a small dining room set will fit your needs beautifully. From bar-height, bistro-style suites to small dining room sets with built-in storage, our extensive selection is full of space-saving furniture. Pick from sizes, shapes, heights, styles, and colors to please any design tastes. More

Apartments, condos and kitchen nooks offer challenges and opportunities for making the most out of the small space you’ve got.  Here are some ideas on optimizing your dining area with a small table and strategic chair choices while making sure you’ve got enough room to enjoy your daily meals.

Pedestal tables – Keep the legroom open as well as the option to pull in an extra diner with tables that find their support in the center. Pedestal style tables work great in small spaces since the table surface itself isn’t very big; center support offers plenty of stability. Without table legs in the corners or edges, you can float chairs around and sneak in an extra guest from time to time.

Round tops – Confined spaces can restrict movement. Table sets with round tops are often the best choice to optimize movement through your apartment or condo. By eliminating corners these tables make it easier to move around them.

Fold-down leaves – Maybe you need plenty of dining space occasionally, but not on a daily basis. Make the most of the space you have with a table that extends or expands with a fold-down leaf. Round, square or rectangular, tables that transform can fit snuggly against a wall for daily dining and pull out and expand for special occasions.

Backless stools – Keep your space open with a table and stool set that allows you to tuck the seating completely under the table and out of the way. Backless stools can keep your limited square footage as open as possible by stowing away when not in use.

Narrow, armless chairs – Similar to backless stools, selecting smaller dining chairs with narrow proportions and an armless design will enable you to keep these seats slipped closely against the table when you aren’t eating, reducing the footprint your dining room set takes up.

Glass top tables - Keep the visual space as open as possible in your tight quarters with a glass-topped table set. An open base extends the airy look, while a solid base offers a more substantial look.

Bistro set - Petite proportions doesn’t have to mean mousy style. Bistro table sets offer the ultimate in small space dining. Often three-piece sets that will fit into just about any spot while filling it with a flourish of fabulousness. You’ll find many options in bar height bistro tables; however, counter height, adjustable and standard height tables are options are available as well.

Outdoor dining set – If your dining area is really at a premium or if you need that square footage for another purpose, consider taking advantage of your outdoor space by choosing a patio dining set that can be indoors or outdoors. Even if you keep the table and two chairs indoors, you’ll be able to store and use two of your chairs outside on the patio or balcony until you need them inside.

Even the smallest of dining areas can be functional and fabulous when strategically decked out with a dining room set designed for small places.