Mudroom Furniture & D├ęcor

Nothing streamlines a family's morning schedule like a well-organized mudroom. This essential space is usually near a tucked away side entrance to the home that keeps it out of sight lines. However, efforts to make it tidy and efficient space will be well rewarded in saving time and frustration daily. And why not make it look great too? More

Usually located just inside the front or back door, mudrooms should be welcoming and cozy places to kick off your shoes and keep coats, bags and shoes organized. Storage options, like coat hooks and shoe cubbies, keep entryways free from clutter and maximize a small room's potential. Browse our collection of bins, tables and cubbies to style the perfect mudroom.

Seating is another aspect of mudroom furniture and decor to consider. Storage benches add utility and make the best use of a compact space. Whether you're looking for a modern vinyl bench, a timeless wood hall tree or a classic settee, we've got the ideal seating for your mudroom.

Often a cozy room off of the kitchen or near the garage entrance, many mudrooms have built-in cabinets and shelves. Don't worry if yours does not, there are many mudroom storage pieces that can help you create the perfect catchall for your daily belongings. Some of the key components of a successful mudroom include:

Mudroom Seating

Start with a place for people to sit and put shoes on or take them off when they come in. Any entryway bench will do but storage benches and hall trees offer the perfect combination of seating plus organization help.


Mudrooms collect an unbelievable amount of stuff. Things like shoes, boots, umbrellas, jackets and hats are a given, but oftentimes a mudroom can serve as an organizational space for backpacks, briefcases, tote bags and purses as well. Cabinets and shelving can help supply needed space for organizing your family's daily belongings. Hooks and hanging systems can keep things off of the floor and easy to find as well.

A few closed cabinets are the perfect place to store rain boots or snow boots during nice weather. It's also handy to keep a few loose towels on hand for when the weather is bad, laying a towel out to catch the water or snow helps keep your floors and carpets clean.


Small area rugs and doormats can collect dirt, mud and drips before they make it into the rest of the house. You might choose a brown rug or a rug with a darker pattern that will hide the grime until you get a chance to vacuum or clean. Indoor/outdoor mats can also be a great choice in this high-traffic area for their durability and ease of care.

Shoe Racks

Shoes can be the most cumbersome items to contain, fortunately, there are many options in storage benches, cabinets and shoe racks that will help you keep your outdoor shoes organized and ready for the next day.

Coat Racks

The first thing most people take off when they come inside is their coat or jacket. If you are entering the house through a mudroom, chances are that it is a long walk to the coat closet. Having hooks, a coat rack or a hall tree will not only keep that outer layer handy for the next day but on rainy and snowy days it keeps those drips contained to the mudroom.

Whether you have a stand-alone room for it in your home or just an extra corner of the kitchen or laundry room, having an organized mudroom in your house can turn stressful mornings into streamlined starts. With some extra storage, hooks and shelves you can keep coats, bags and shoes tidy while keeping dirt contained and out of the rest of the house.