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If you're looking to introduce warm, rich tones throughout your home, consider peanut furniture and decor. This versatile shade of brown complements various interior decor styles and colors. Whether you want something for a living room, dining area, or bedroom, our selection includes something for every part of your apartment, condo, or house. More

Living Rooms

Caramel leather loveseats are a stylish and comfortable addition to a rustic den that features natural wood and warm colors such as burnt orange and maroon. If you're outfitting a traditional family room, pair taffy arm chairs with a tan coffee table and beige patterned rug for classic appeal.


If mid-century modern furnishings appeal to you, consider a camel panel bed frame that features a streamlined design and slim tapered legs. Love the simple farmhouse look? Put a peanut daybed and light wood dresser in a space with warm, welcoming colors and patterned fabrics.

Kitchens and Dining Rooms

Warm up an off-white kitchen by arranging peanut barstools around a counter-height island or tall bistro table. You can also create a monochromatic dining room by setting up a walnut table on a dark hardwood floor and surrounding it with camel seats to create multiple layers of rich brown hues.

Light brown decorative area rugs add texture to flooring and spruce up a room's overall appearance. Place a brown medallion print floor mat in a kitchen with a caramel color scheme to complete your design and warm up cool tile floors. Or, arrange a peanut rug underneath a dining table to create a chic and comfy space for friends and family to gather during meals.