Lilac Furniture

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Whether you're looking to brighten a palette of cool hues or tone down a more energetic color scheme, incorporating lilac furniture and accents gives you a range of options. Check out our selection to discover unique and decorative light purple pieces to suit any room in your home. More

Versatile Violet Shades

The various tones of lilac home decor elevate your interior design in different ways. Crib bedding in a delicate violet shade supports a soothing vibe for your nursery. You can also layer several purple tones in a guest room with pale lilac wall art, lavender bedding and a cozy aubergine rug.

Pick Your Light Purple Pieces

Our vast selection of lilac furniture includes a wide range of stylish, comfortable pieces for your home. Some of these items include:

  • Lilac Rugs: Add softness to hardwood floors using a light purple shag rug, or try a white rug featuring deep plum leaves and flowers to highlight your furniture set. In carpeted areas, abstract periwinkle, navy and mauve rugs bring an artistic flair to the room.
  • Relaxing Lavender Bedroom Decor: Light violet bed frames and comforter sets create a peaceful sanctuary for a good night's sleep. You can also consider gorgeous nightstands with ornate carvings and a metallic lilac finish to bring some functional yet stylish accents into the mix.
  • Lilac Accessories for a Finishing Touch: Increase the coziness of your layout by bringing in some woven lavender afghans, throw pillows and knitted footstools. Include purple fabric storage bins for the bookshelf, or complete your space with paintings and figurines in a soft iris shade.

Light Purple Prints and Patterns

Add interest to your design using lilac decor with various patterns. Choose entryway rugs featuring a faded heather paisley print or a mauve mandala motif. Try bed linens with light purple stripes, or opt for dark orchid sheets with white polka dots instead. For a cohesive look, consider a furniture collection featuring lilac color-block bed frames, arm chairs, and ottomans.

Lilac Kids Decor

Our selection includes a wide range of lilac furniture for your kids as well. Browse for comfy lilac linens for your new baby's crib, or pick out a bright purple carriage canopy bed frame for a toddler. A lavender futon or memory foam folding floor chair is also a great addition to a teen's gaming corner or reading nook.