Hallway Running Rugs

Protect floors from scuffs and scrapes with runner rugs. These mats shield foyers and hallways from everyday wear and tear while providing a comfy surface beneath your feet. With features such as non-slip rubber backing and thick braiding, a durable runner rug makes a great addition to any high-traffic area. More

Spice up your den, kitchen or bedroom with vibrant runner rugs. Choose bold patterns and vivid hues for some pizzazz, or opt for subtle designs and solid neutrals for a more subdued look. On the other hand, you can embrace the bohemian aesthetic with a multicolored runner rug featuring bright pinks, blues and oranges.

Runner rugs are a wonderful way to add a touch of character throughout your home. Carpets with warm tones and geometric shapes transform a narrow corridor into a welcoming hallway, or try placing a soft pile rug next to the bed to make getting up in the morning a little bit easier. Whatever your vision, the right runner rug will tie the room together.