3x5 Moroccan Area Rugs

Shop 3 x 5 Moroccan Style Rugs

Looking for a cozy addition to a bathroom or kitchen? 3X5 Moroccan area rugs provide the style and comfort you need. Place a plush shag rug in front of the sink to make dishwashing a breeze, or spread a small low pile option out next to the bathtub for some extra cushioning. Wherever you decide to add it, a soft 3x5 area rug is the perfect fit.

For a small addition that's big on fashion, consider a sleek 3x5 Moroccan area rug. Vibrant hues like yellow and blue are perfect for creating an exciting focal point in a bedroom or foyer. For something a bit more understated, add a versatile beige and ivory rug with elaborate geometric patterns to the mix and take the look even further.