8 x 10 Floral Rugs

8' x 10' Floral Area Rugs

Bring more interest to your layout by adding an 8x10 floral area rug to your home’s decor. With multiple pattern options, it’s easy to find a design that fits your tastes and your room’s palette. Select a carpet in a similar hue as existing furnishings like sofas or a complementary color for an effortless, cohesive look.

The soft texture and ample size of 8x10 floral area rugs make them a suitable choice for a variety of rooms. Use a thick, plush mat to frame a bed and warm up hardwood floors in a bedroom or choose one with a lower pile to highlight the beauty of a dining set. Living room seating areas also seem more cozy and welcoming when arranged around an 8x10 floral area rug.