Office Rugs

Rugs for Home Offices

For a simple way to infuse some personality into your home office, try adding an area rug. There is plenty to consider when choosing the perfect mat to fit your needs, which is why our selection of office area rugs includes a wide array of sizes, shapes, styles and colors to complement your workspace. More

Just the Right Size

When shopping for a new office rug, the first thing to consider is the size you'll need. A small mat is a great option when you want to protect the floor under your rolling chair. If your guest room does double-duty as an office, consider using a medium rug beneath your desk to establish visual separation. For a spacious work area, a large area rug can make your room feel put-together.

Materials Matter

Home office area rugs come in a variety of materials to suit your lifestyle and maintenance preferences. If you meet with clients or get a lot of visitors, you may want to consider an easy-to-clean nylon carpet that can stand up to the higher traffic. Do you frequently rearrange your furniture? A wool rug bounces back easily and resists crushing.

Supreme Styles

From contemporary to boho, our selection of home office rugs includes the hottest styles for every taste. Create a sense of sophistication when you use an elegant mat with an Oriental pattern or classic florals. If you're dreaming of your next seaside vacation, bring home the beach with a tropical design.

Explore Color

From cool and quirky to warm and traditional, these office area rugs come in a vast assortment of chic shades. Shop carpets in neutral hues like black, gray, taupe and beige for a sophisticated effect. Looking for a statement piece? Try an office rug with a bold rainbow motif, or a colorful print featuring your favorite hobbies.