Living Room Rugs

Rugs for Living Rooms

The ideal blend of fashion and function, living room area rugs are the foundation for your design. Available in a variety of sizes, colors and materials, choosing the right option is vital to creating the look you want. Explore our wide selection of area rugs to put the finishing touch on your living space. More

The Perfect Fit

Knowing the size and layout of your living room is essential when purchasing a new rug. Use a small square or round carpet in your petite apartment to make the space seem larger. For more spacious homes, a large living room rug that covers the area in front of your sofa and overlaps under the feet helps create a curated, balanced look.

Style Matters

Whether you're following the latest trends or paving your own way, living room area rugs are a great way to show off your personal taste. Complement a formal seating set with an elegant rug featuring a framed border and floral patterns. Transitional area rugs with geometric motifs blur the line between classic and contemporary style, giving you the best of both worlds.

Color is Key

From warm, cozy shades to bright and lively hues, color sets the tone for your living room. Neutral area rugs such as brown and cream are a natural choice for spaces with traditional sofas and accent chairs. For breezy designs that exude a sense of airiness, white and gray living room rugs are a refreshing addition.

Enduring Material

Living rooms are the communal center of every home, so maintaining your area rug is important. Wool rugs with durable fabric stand up to daily foot traffic and furniture indentations. For an easy-to-clean carpet, polyester is often stain-resistant and simple to spot clean, ensuring that it looks like-new for years to come.