Bedroom Rugs

Rugs for Bedrooms

From kids' rooms to master suites, a bedroom area rug is a simple way to add an extra layer of comfort to your space. Our vast selection of mats comes in an array of sizes, colors, materials and styles to make your bedroom feel a little cozier. Check out these bedroom area rugs to find the perfect piece to complete your room. More

Sizing Up the Room

Whatever the size of your room, you can find a carpet to fit. Use a large area rug in the center of your spacious suite to warm up the floor. Alternatively, you can spread a medium-sized mat next to the bed for a comfy spot to plant your feet when you wake up in the morning. You can even lay a small area rug in your walk-in closet for a little bit of luxury when you pick out your clothes for the day.

Colors and Patterns

When decorating your room, it's important to select the right hues to complement your palette. Look for a bedroom rug in a dark, solid shade like navy or burgundy to create balance with a patterned comforter. Want to add some variety to your space? Try a bedroom area rug featuring vibrant splashes of green, blue, yellow and red.

Find Your Fiber

Bedroom rugs come in an assortment of materials that are easy to maintain. A durable wool mat is ideal for a guest room that doubles as your home office. The resilient fibers bounce back from heavy traffic and indentations, so the space always looks fresh for visitors. On the other hand, you can say goodbye to spills and stains in your child's room with a washable polyester carpet.

Flair and Fashion

A bedroom area rug is a lovely way to capture your unique style. Choose a distressed Oriental pattern for a stylish boho appeal, or try an abstract design to pair with your contemporary decor. If you love the retro look, opt for a piece with a chic geometric motif. Whatever your tastes, our selection of bedroom rugs has you covered.