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Give every room an instant makeover with area rugs. From the living room to the bathroom, these carpets are an easy way to make a big impression. Explore our entire area rug selection to find the perfect pieces to add an extra layer of comfort and style to your home. More

The Master Suite

Where better to let your personality shine than in your bedroom? Browse area rugs in an assortment of designs to showcase your unique tastes. Prefer the traditional look? Shop mats with classic Oriental or floral patterns. Would you rather channel the relaxing vibes of the beach? Check out coastal motifs of palm fronds and seashells.

Fine Dining Experience

A dining room area rug brings the best of form and function to your design. Create visual interest by placing a round carpet under your rectangular table, or add a vibrant mat to an otherwise neutral space for a chic accent. In addition to looking stylish, area rugs protect your floor from inevitable mealtime spills and scratches from chairs.

Your Ultimate Workspace

From fun and funky to refined and distinguished, your office should reflect who you are and what you do. Our home office rugs come in a range of styles to complement your work aesthetic. Choose from calming hues and patterns in gray, beige and cream for a soothing effect, or give the room some character with a rug featuring your favorite team or pastime.

Smart Playrooms

Playroom area rugs should be large, soft and durable so kids can run and play. Slip-resistant backing keeps children safe from tripping, while easy-to-clean fabrics resist stains from snack time spills. Plus, these mats help encourage your little one's playful spirit with colorful prints and designs.