8x10 Wool Rugs

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Depending on how you plan the focal point of your layout, you can use 8x10 wool area rugs to achieve different goals. In living rooms, if you wish to focus on the carpet's pattern or natural textures, place only the front legs of couches and chairs on the mat to let the rug take center stage. To highlight furnishings instead, arrange sofas or sectionals with the full base on the carpet.

You can use 8x10 wool area rugs to enhance bedrooms as well. Center a queen or king bed on the rug, so you have soft, warm wool fibers on either side of the bed to warm up cold floors. You can also expose more of the texture and color of your large wool area rug by placing the top edge at the bed's midpoint. With this arrangement, the rug extends beside the bedframe and beyond the footboard.