Black & White Cowhide Rugs

Black and White Cowhide Area Rugs

Balance or enhance your ensemble using the various shades of a black and white cowhide area rug. Light cream and charcoal tones are a great choice for contrasting the bright pinks, yellows and greens of your daughter's bedroom. For a home office decorated in neutral hues, dark ebony and piercing pearl white rugs are an eye-catching option that brings definition to the space.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, black and white cowhide area rugs allow you to outfit any area. Choose a long cowhide runner rug to handle the foot traffic in your hallways, or add depth to a small reading nook or apartment dinette using a rounded model. To create an interesting focal point in a foyer or living room, try a rug with a classic hide outline and a zebra-print design.