Area Rug Materials

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Area rugs can transform floors in an instant, and each type of rug material has something special to offer. You might want a sturdy natural fiber carpet for your mudroom or a delicate weave for the bedroom. The wide range of available materials ensures you'll find the perfect piece for your home. More

Texture Matters

Each area rug material has a distinct texture that determines both its feel and appearance. The imperfections of thick, woven hemp rugs are rough to the touch and have a well-loved, rugged look. Alternatively, linen rugs soften with use over time and appear smooth and sleek.

Choose by Hue

Certain colors and patterns are common among many area rug materials. Sisal carpets often have colorful borders in an array of vibrant hues like orange or blue. Add one to your mostly neutral living room for a hint of color. Polypropylene rugs are also available in a vast assortment of shades, making it easy to find the ideal pick for your palette.

Form and Function

Discover the rug material that best suits you based on your space's design and functional needs. A high pile wool carpet is a great fit for a home office where you crave softness beneath your feet while you work. On the other hand, chic leather mats are unique and naturally water- and stain-resistant, so they're a smart choice for the kitchen.

Stunning Styles

Whether you prefer eye-catching glamour or minimalistic simplicity, there is a rug material to complement your style. Cowhide makes a bold statement piece to put the finishing touch on a rustic countryside retreat. Looking to create an bohemian haven? Select a jute mat for an earthy appeal. Whatever your tastes, this selection of rug materials has you covered.