Gray 5x7 Area Rugs

Gray 5' by 7' Area Rugs

Ideal for nearly every room of your home, a gray 5x7 area rug is a versatile choice. Overlap one of these comfy silver mats with the front legs of your sofa and arm chairs to create an intimate seating area. In bedrooms, lay a smokey-gray rug beside the bed so that your toes are toasty first thing in the morning. Spruce up the foyer with a chic graphite model to help keep your floors clean.

Gray 5x7 area rugs are available in an assortment of pile heights to suit your preference. Use a low-pile rug for an easy-to-clean option in kids' playrooms. In spaces where you want an extra layer of comfort, such as home offices or family rooms, consider using a plush carpet for some much-needed softness.