Burgundy Area Rugs 8x10

Burgundy Colored 8 by 10 Rugs

When you want to add this warm, romantic color to a room in a big way, a burgundy 8x10 area rug is the perfect solution. Arrange a large merlot rug beneath a living room suite to define space in an open plan studio, or consider burgundy 8x10 area rugs to offset a crisp white dining room table.

To make the most of your design motif, select a burgundy 8x10 area rug that's perfectly suited to your style. Patchwork rugs in deep cardinal, blue and yellow work best in boho layouts, while Oriental and medallion rugs echo the ornate silhouettes of classic furniture. Alternately, abstract swirls of red that shift from light to dark can work for modern, eclectic or contemporary decor.