Outdoor Sofas

Outdoor Sofas for the Patio

Patio sofas provide comfortable seating for those who enjoy lounging outdoors. Everyone's backyard arrangement is different, so it's important to explore all options while shopping for outdoor furniture.

Size and Budget

Size is the first thing to consider. It helps to measure your empty patio space and visualize the layout as a guide.

Based on your patio's size and shape, you might consider different types of seating. Loveseats will help to save space, while full-size sofas are best for those who host frequent gatherings. There are even open-air sectionals for those who have the capacity or need to fit a large, irregular or L-shaped area.

After imagining a design, consider the budget. While patio couches with plastic frames are cost-efficient, they're more likely to move in the wind and can fade or chip after a few seasons. It's ideal to invest in weather-resistant materials, such as teak, metal or resin wicker, that provide years of enjoyment. You can find patio sofas under $2000, $1000, and $500.


Patio furniture arrangements can look a little awkward if not chosen carefully. Many people forget to consider the surroundings and the look of existing outdoor pieces before choosing their patio sofa. Pick wicker couches for a vintage or tropical vibe, or select metal or wooden chairs with sleek, simple lines to take a more contemporary approach.

A number of styles are available depending on the unique needs of the buyer. Some outdoor sofas are able to fold for easy, space-saving storage in the off-season. Others are built by combining materials, such as wicker seating with rust-resistant iron frames.


It can be fun to experiment with bold colors while furnishing outdoor areas. Against the backdrop of soft earth tones provided by nature, strong hues tend to pop. Try adding a deep red or blue patio sofa to your outdoor space for a splash of color.

Conversely, others would rather have their patio decor blend into its environment. Use neutral-toned furniture and accent pieces with flowing, organic prints to make your seating area one with nature.

While white and light-colored fabrics fade less noticeably than darker hues, the sun will take its toll on all outdoor furniture over time. Patio sofas can be covered when not in use or stored in a garage, shed or basement during winter to preserve color.


The following weather-resistant materials are ideal for patio sofas.

  • Synthetic wicker is lightweight, stylish, and easy to clean. Choose High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) rather than PVC for maximum durability.
  • Teak is insect resistant and unlikely to tip over. This wood produces its own oil, which repels water and prevents dry rot.
  • Cedar is an aesthetically pleasing and durable wood. Heavy enough to withstand wind, it retains color well when sealant is applied. Cedar patio sofas can last for decades with proper care.
  • Metal is ideal for outdoor sofa frames when it is coated with a rust-proof finish. Stainless steel and aluminum make sofas light and easy to move, though also subject to wind. Wrought iron is heavier and more durable with a rustic appearance.

Cushion material is equally important for patio seating. Be sure that fabrics are weather-proof and UV-resistant, but also comfortable. Outdoor fabrics can sometimes feel a little coarse, so the best way to be sure you're getting a cozy patio couch is to test out several and see what feels best to you.