Patio Chairs

Outdoor Lounge Chairs, Recliners & Other Patio Seating

Deciding on which patio chairs to choose involves considering the larger purpose of your outdoor space. Outdoor dining and entertaining require a different setup than poolside lounging or casual seating. Your personal style should be reflected in your patio furniture as well. A deck, porch or sunroom can be plush and formal or relaxed and rustic simply based on your decor choices. More

Use these tips to find the patio chairs that perfectly fit your taste and needs.

Chair Design

Your patio chairs should factor in the types of seating you need. Everything from barstools and dining chairs to armchairs and chaise lounges are available.

Dining Chairs

If you're a gourmet grill master and plan to frequently eat outside, solidly built, comfortable dining chairs are a must. Make sure seating is wide enough for guests to sit comfortably without the arms digging into their legs.

Chairs also need to be sturdy but light enough to easily slide in and out from the table. Certain types of wood, high-grade aluminum and polymer resin will fit the bill. Wrought iron is sometimes too heavy to be practical for this kind of chair.


The outdoor equivalent of your favorite easy chair, patio armchairs should be expansive, well-padded and built to last. Wicker and wood are two popular materials for the frames of these chairs.

Cushions need to be thick but breathable, constructed of foam that dries quickly and covered with UV-protected fabric. Vinyl coverings aren’t as comfortable, as they can lead to excessive sweating in the hot sun.

Chaise Lounges

A must for sun-bathers, chaise lounges are ideal for stretching out, reading a book and maybe catching a quick nap. These chairs are longer than upright seats, so they will take up much more space. Also, keep in mind they are much lower to the ground than standard chairs and might pose problems for people with mobility issues.


If you plan to have a patio bar or outdoor kitchen, barstools are a helpful way to stay close to your guests while you mix drinks or create the latest taste sensation. Wrought iron is an ideal material here because it is durable and comes in swivel configurations. This adds comfort and also cuts down on the need for the stools to be moved.

Color and Quality

Other factors also play a role in how to choose patio chairs. When it comes to color, wood stains run from light pine to dark mahogany. Wood furniture can be painted even more colors, although these finishes may start to flake and peel after a few years outdoors.

Wicker furniture typically comes in neutral, natural colors, while metal comes in a variety of finishes. To match cool-hued decor with lots of blues and greens, a good choice might be shades like chrome, silver, or black. With a warm color scheme full of reds, oranges or browns, try copper or bronze-finished metal.

Plastic can be dyed any color, but shoppers must be careful to choose a grade of this material that will stand up to its intended use. Quality can vary from poor to extremely durable. The best way to avoid disappointment is to stay away from the inexpensive options.

There are also many advanced fabrics for cushions. In addition to UV protection, many are now stain-resistant, which comes in handy when partygoers balance plates on their knees or muddy tots make their way on to the patio seating. Make sure to choose a fabric that is mold resistant, too. Being exposed to the elements makes it a necessity. If you're on a budget, no worries. Check out our outdoor patio chairs under $1000, $500, and $300.