Patio Furniture Maintenance & Storage

Patio Furniture Cleaners, Storage, Covers, Etc.

Moisture, heat, and wind can all take their toll on your outdoor furniture. To keep the pieces you love looking like new, patio furniture cleaners, storage, and covers are a wise investment. Picking the right products all depends on your furnishings' materials and your available space. More

Types of Protection

There are a variety of ways to defend your decor. Applying a special patio furniture cleaner, wax, paint, or protective finish can gently wash away grime or shield against future damage. You can also search for heavyweight fabric covers tailored to fit neatly over each piece for outdoor or indoor storage. To stow away smaller items, try all-weather boxes or chests.

Options by Material

Construction and materials have a big impact on the kind of defense your outdoor pieces need. Wood can warp and crack if exposed to water over the years, so applying products that repel moisture is key. Metals like aluminum, iron, and steel corrode in humid conditions, so seals and protectants keep them looking their best.

Sun exposure can also be an issue. Many fabrics, woods, and plastics fade over time, while metal heats up quickly. UV-resistant patio furniture covers help maintain bright hues and comfortable temperatures. For garden tools, pool toys, and small decor, a storage bench or ottoman doubles as stylish seating and a safe place for breakables.

Considering Space

How you choose to protect your outdoor furnishings may hinge on space constraints. Storing pieces in a garage or shed is ideal for cold or rainy seasons, but there are other choices. To leave everything outside year-round, invest in waterproof covers and sealants. Those with a large deck or porch could add patio storage furniture for an easy place to stash pillows and blankets when storms strike.