Kids Tables

Children's Playroom Tables

Coloring pictures and enjoying board games have never been more fun. Our playroom tables come in various themes, shapes, and colors that spark imagination and enhance decor. The sturdy materials and built-in storage space ensure each piece is both safe and functional. From basic wood finishes to bold rainbow colors, our selection of playroom tables is sure to contain the perfect one for your home. More

How to Choose Playroom Tables

Playroom tables are essential pieces in your child's room. They create free space to make crafts, complete homework, read books, draw, or play board games. With tables in different sizes, styles, and features available, you'll want to do some research to find the right one for your child.

Picking the Size

The best playroom tables comfortably fit multiple chairs and offer ample space for activities. Some of the most important factors to consider are a table's height and size. To choose the most functional pieces, avoid tables that take up too much floor space or are too high or low for your child. Needing to stretch or stoop to reach the tabletop will be uncomfortable and may affect kids' posture.

Furniture with added drawers, compartments, and cubbies is also a smart purchase. These storage features reduce clutter and help your children keep track of their crayons and pencils. When looking at tables with storage, be sure to check if there is legroom for chairs and sitting. Not all playroom tables are designed to partner with chairs.

Staying on Budget

Playroom tables come in a variety of price ranges. Some people prefer purchasing tables sets with matching chairs. While buying sets simplifies the selection process, it can also increase the overall cost. For functional, stylish pieces on a tight budget, look for tables that rest low to the floor and require no chairs. Some playroom tables come with roll out storage and are designed as standing activity stations.

Styles, Colors & Materials

From activity tables to art stations, playroom table styles vary widely to meet your kids' needs. For children that love drawing, try art tables with chalk or dry erase board surfaces, or that accommodate a roll of drawing paper to help them create their masterpieces. On the other hand, activity, play, and study tables usually include storage drawers and wide surfaces to provide plenty of open space.

Most tables are designed from wood, metal, or plastic. These materials are great for kids because they make it easy to clean up spills, paints, and crumbs. Wood and metal products are extremely durable, and plastic pieces are handy because they are lightweight and easily transported. Playroom tables are available in both bright, cheerful colors and fresh, modern hues.