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Your children will enjoy story time even more with our playroom bookcases. Declutter their favorite space by putting books, games, and knickknacks on multiple shelves. Our selection features diverse styles so you can pick a playroom bookshelf that fits your kid's personality. From classic to contemporary, we've got what you need. More

How to Choose Playroom Bookcases

Encourage imagination and create a safe, open environment by adding a playroom bookcase to your child's space. In addition to providing room to store stray toys, these pieces can also define a dedicated reading corner in your playroom to inspire growing minds. Choose from bookcases in a variety of styles, colors, and materials to find the piece that suits your kids' interests and needs.

Selecting Size

When picking a playroom bookcase, make sure to take height and function into consideration. Many pieces are low enough to keep shelves accessible and in clear view for your kids. This choice not only makes bookcases easy for children to use, but empowers them to read on their own.

Alternatively, taller pieces with both low and high shelves can offer greater functionality over a longer time. Use bottom levels to put games and toys within reach, while reserving upper cubbies to keep things like wipes and bedding away from little ones. These pieces will grow with your kids, offering more space they can use as they get older. When choosing tall, free-standing bookcases for a young child's room, make sure they can be anchored to the wall for safety.

Considering Style & Budget

Since bookcases may need to transition with your child from a playroom to a study space, neutral pieces that match many types of decor are a smart buy. Playroom bookcases with simple, clean lines blend easily into any space, so they can see years of use. In addition, specific design elements can make these pieces more modern or traditional, depending on your tastes. Shelves without backing or bookcases with wood block feet create an open, contemporary feel, while solid-backed pieces with bases that rest on the ground have a classic look. On the other hand, if adding personality and flair to the room is your goal, bookcases can be found with whimsical nursery rhyme, animal or sports team motifs.

Choosing Color & Materials

Playroom bookcases are usually constructed from wood, wood composite, or metal. Choose from rich wood finishes, such as birch, cherry, and walnut, to satisfy both kids and adults, or fun, bright paint colors ideal for young children. Unpainted metal bookcases have a modern, industrial look that will be a hit with older kids and teenagers.

For additional storage options and a fun pop of color, try adding storage baskets, bins, or boxes to your bookcase. Clear plastic bins make it easy for kids to see what's inside for quick access, while colorful canvas storage cubes hide clutter and can be color coordinated to keep toys organized.