Baby Cribs for Nursery

How to Choose a Crib

One of the most important decisions you'll make as a new parent is which crib to purchase. Though you should also have in mind what you want from the style and size of the piece, the most important factor to consider is safety so be sure that any crib you purchase meets safety standards. Ease some of the stress of child care by finding the crib that's safe, secure, and comfortable for your newborn.

Budget & Size

Standard cribs are simply designed and affordable, so they'll fit effortlessly into any nursery. On the other hand, multipurpose pieces tend to be more expensive because of all their extra features. These cribs are typically worth the investment because they double as dressers or changing tables. You can even get a frame that later converts readily into a toddler bed or the headboard and baseboard of a grown up bed, which saves you time and money in the long term. Cribs come in a range of prices:

As for size, you'll want to pick out a crib that allows you to reach in for your little one without permitting them to climb out. Many pieces have adjustable mattress elevations so you can lower the mattress as your baby grows. Also, be sure to find a mattress that precisely fits the crib you choose, as those that are too small can risk your child's safety.

Finding the Best Material

Commonly, you'll find cribs built from wood or metal, as these are affordable, durable, and popular materials. To decide between the two, consider which material will fit best in the decor of your baby's room. It's important to only buy cribs with non-toxic stains, paints, and materials to keep your baby safe from contaminants.

Color & Style

Some cribs feature fun and functional design features that allow you to liven up your nursery. However, most pieces come with very few embellishments since tiny ornaments are dangerous to small children. Still, stylish cribs are available in countless, trendy colors, from classic wood finishes like dark cherry to black, white, and espresso.