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How to Choose a Kids Twin Bed

Make bedtime more fun for your child with a kids twin bed. Perfectly suited to both boys and girls, the comfortable and durable bed frames are designed to capture your child’s individuality and imagination. From themed selections featuring their favorite cartoons, movie characters or sports teams to a diverse selection of modern, rustic and classically styled frames, here you’re certain to find kids twin beds that best match your child’s personality. And make bedtime more fun for all.

Kids twin beds provide your children with a comfortable place to sleep and also allow space for activities. While transitional toddler beds will only last until your child's next growth spurt, a twin bed helps them feel all grown up. Durable, cost-effective, and stylish, twin beds are perfect for any kid's room.


Keep durability in mind when making furniture decisions for kids. Little ones tend to be rough on kids twin size beds, which can double as trampolines or wrestling rings. Hardwoods are generally longer-lasting and more solid than other materials for bed frames. However, most metal furniture is also high quality and specifically designed for children. You may also consider twin beds with sturdy metal or wooden headboards.

Styles & Colors

If you are looking for something to get through the preschool years, themed twin beds for kids featuring cars, princesses, sports or movie character themes may do the trick. For looks that stand the test of time, consider simple frames with cherry or espresso finishes. Additionally, twin beds with fabric insets, light stains, or classic white paints fit well in both toddler and tween rooms. Color options include:

Space & Storage

Twin beds are small and allow for more floor space and easier movement in the room. If your kids share a room, consider purchasing trundle, bunk beds, or lofts to save even more space. Trundles can be used as an additional bed or drawer, while many bunks come with built-in storage options. Loft beds have an open space under the sleeping area, which is perfect for dressers, desks, or seating. Some daybeds and platform twin bed designs even include storage like bookshelves, drawers, and cubbies.

Popular style and material choices include: