Loft Beds w/ Slides

Loft Bed with Slide Underneath

Bringing together the traditionally separate concepts of sleep and fun, loft beds with slides put an entertaining twist on bedtime. Like other styles of lofted beds, a loft bed with slide allows users to access the higher sleep area by using the built-in stairs or ladder. The addition of a slide, however, enables children to safely and enjoyably descend from the top level of the bed to the ground level within seconds. With no bed to worry about below, the space underneath the lofted mattress provides the perfect area for playing or for storage.

Most slide loft beds available effortlessly convert the bedroom into your child’s own personal playground. Featuring an extensive variety of designs and finishes, our collection of loft beds ranges from castle-themed pink and purple options to sports-themed blue and white selections. Full and partial canopies complete the fort-like sleeping experience, while a slide loft bed without the cover of a canopy offers more of a minimalist look and feel.