Loft Beds w/ Desks

Loft Beds with Desks Underneath

Particularly appropriate for students of all ages, loft beds with desks fulfill the need for a work area while saving space in the room. By combining functional work space with a comfortable sleep area, a loft bed with desk makes it simple to complete homework and school projects, study, and snooze without having to look for and purchase separate pieces of furniture for each activity. The built-in loft bed desk is typically either positioned beneath the lofted bed or integrated directly into the bed frame to leave room for storage space. Perfect for college students all the way down to younger kids just starting to attend school full-time, loft bed desks help boost productivity without taking up too much space in smaller areas like an apartment, dorm room, or a child’s bedroom.

A loft bed with a desk enables school-aged children and busy professionals alike to designate a certain area of the room for sleeping and studying while freeing up the rest of the valuable space for other purposes. Made from sturdy wood solids or lightweight metal, most of our selections cover a variety of attractive color choices and provide the durable, long-lasting support one typically craves after a long night of studying. The sleep area contained within each loft bed desk accommodates either a twin or full size mattress, which keeps the bed as appropriate and relevant for a developing child growing up at home as it is for a studious young adult away at college.