Princess Loft Beds

Girls Princess Castle Loft Bed

Most little girls love the chance to make believe that they’re a princess. With our Girls Pink Princess Castle Loft Bed, those dreams of make believe are that much closer to reality.

Styled in Pink, Purple & White
Offering a fun combination of play and sleep, our pink princess loft bed boasts a twin-sized bed covered in a pink and purple tent. Each loft bed is built from durable hardwoods and decorated with white accents to help seamlessly blend into any decor.

Safe for Playing & Sleeping
Your little princess will love the charming playhouse on the lower level, adorned with delightful curtains framing each window. Featuring safe and easy access to the loft via a three-rung ladder, getting back down is the fun part. Embellished with a majestic turret, the attached slide lets your little girl rejoin her subjects below. Help your royal daughter realize her dreams with the Girls Pink Princess Castle Loft.