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Full Size Beds & Frames (Double)

How to Choose a Kids Full Bed

Your child is unique and deserves a bed that's just as special. With a diverse array of kids full beds available, your children can pick the exact frame they want to match exactly who they are. Get your bookworm a bed with a built-in bookshelf, or delight your aspiring sports star with something that features a favorite team's logo. From padded headboards for children who toss and turn to frames with desks for those who are serious about their studies, we have the perfect kids full-size bed for your household. The best part is, we only use the sturdiest materials designed to last all through childhood. Invest in your children's comfort and individuality with a kids full bed.

Other unique styles include:

Once your toddler is ready to move out of their crib, a kids full size bed is the ideal upgrade. Since these pieces come in many styles, themes, and colors, consider all of your options and let your child help in the decision making process.

Saving Space

Many parents invest in a full size bed that their young ones can use for years to come. Kids full beds provide enough space for your growing child, but are small enough that they don't overcrowd a bedroom. A children's full size corner bed helps make the most out of limited space. Additionally, many pieces are constructed with built-in storage like cubbies, drawers, trundle beds and bookcases, so you don't have to worry about cluttering a room with a separate bookshelf or storage bin.

Style & Color Options

Kids full size beds are designed to appeal to sports fans, movie lovers, and little ones that adore frills and sparkles. Popular headboards and footboards are available in a range of fun themes, bright or neutral colors, and trendy patterns. Keep in mind that kids not only outgrow small beds, but can also outgrow favorite characters and styles. Since bed frames are a large investment, make sure the theme and colors you pick out for your child are ones they'll enjoy for several years. We offer a wide variety of colors such as:

Select a Material

It's essential to find a kids full bed that's safe and reliable. Wood and metal foundations are durable, stable, and most resilient to wear, although their hard surfaces might not be the best for rambunctious children. Upholstered frames offer a stylish, safer alternative, as their plush material prevents children from hurting themselves while getting in and out of bed. But, be sure to look for fabrics that are easy to clean and maintain.