Bunk Beds with Futon

Bunks with Built-in Futon Underneath

Unlike a traditional bunk bed, kids futon bunk beds and sofa bunk beds are best suited for single sleepers. The multipurpose pieces of furniture feature a twin or full size mattress positioned over a futon-style couch, which makes the setup particularly useful for college students expected to supply their own beds for an apartment or dormitory.

Function & Convenience
While the bunk bed couch provides the perfect spot for hanging out or studying, the lofted position of the mattress ensures users still have plenty of room to move about in close quarters. Also ideal for an only-child living in an apartment or temporary housing, a sofa bunk bed should leave at least two feet of space between the surface of the lofted mattress and the ceiling of the room.

Safety & Durability
Since safety is always a concern for us and our customers, our futon bunk beds come equipped with sturdy guardrails and ladders that connect securely to the bed frame. Constructed out of durable metals, such as steel, the bed frames provide sturdy and long-lasting support for years. Whether you prefer the sleek appearance of metal or something reminiscent of wood, our selections feature a diverse array of finishes that capture exactly the look you want. The bunk bed couch even folds out to accommodate overnight guests, sleepovers, or the simple desire for a change of scenery.