Bunk Beds with Desk

Bunk with Built-in Desk Underneath

Usually built into the side of the bed, a kids bunk bed desk offers an organized space to do homework, study, or read. Bunk beds with desks therefore tend to be most appropriate for older, school-age children. Some models are even marketed to college students and young adults. As younger children generally have little use for a designated work space, purchasing a bunk bed with desk for kids in elementary school or below may be unnecessary.

Space-Saving Convenience
Bunk beds that come with built-in desks can help save money as well as space, since parents no longer have to purchase two separate pieces of furniture. Furthermore, utilizing a desk as part of the bunk bed base makes for a more durable and steadier foundation.

Many bunk bed desks feature roomy storage drawers and plenty of space for a computer and other study materials, while the available finishes range from white to black and complement any color scheme. For added convenience, some bunk beds with desks include a chest of drawers or stairs instead of a ladder.