L Shaped Bunk Beds

Twin & Full Corner Bunk Beds

Kids L-shaped bunk beds offer unique ways to capitalize on available space. The typical L-shaped bunk bed actually resembles more of a T, with the bottom bed centered and perpendicular to the lofted one. As a result, student desks, chests of drawers, bedside tables, or some combination thereof are often built into the base of the bed frame on either side of the bottom bunk.

Long-term Convenience
The height of the top bunk varies according to the specific model to accommodate different ceiling elevations. Since the two bunks are easily separated when siblings eventually get their own rooms, L-shaped bunk beds frequently remain useful for longer than other bunk bed styles.

L-shaped bunk beds are perfrect for conserving floor space, fitting well into corners, as well. 

Quality & Selection
Available in twin-over-twin and twin-over-full dimensions, these L-shaped bunk beds are perfect for children of assorted ages and sizes. Crafted from only the finest and sturdiest materials, like steel and pine, each bunk bed selection offers a standard height for older children and a junior height for younger kids.

Children can also choose from a range of fun and useful amenities built right into the bed frame, such as work desks, drawers, nightstands, and bookshelves. And because our bunk beds come in a range of finishes, from whites and grays to dark browns and blacks, parents are sure to find the one that best coordinates with the color palette of the bedroom.