Bunk Bed Styles & Designs

The abundance of bunk bed styles proves that bunk beds need to do more than just save space; they need to fit in to the lifestyles of the children and families who use the versatile pieces of furniture. Ranging from conventional and L-shaped bunk bed designs to bunk beds with accompanying futons, trundles, and even work areas, the different styles of available bunk beds can make it challenging to identify the best one. Making the right choice therefore involves a variety of considerations, such as the specific needs of the intended users and the safety and functionality of the bunk bed, in addition to the style of the design.

Make Use of Space

With each design and style, buyers should always remain conscious of what purpose the bunk bed will serve. Bunk bed designs that include a built-in futon or desk, for example, help make the most of smaller spaces and fulfill the need for a sitting area or a place to do homework.

How Many People?

Other factors to keep in mind include the number of people that the bed will need to accommodate on a regular basis. For instance, households with more than two children or that regularly host sleepovers might consider a bunk bed with a trundle to be the best choice.

In addition to featuring various pieces of integrated furniture that increase the functionality of the design, bunk bed styles vary according to accessibility. While ladders are the standard way of accessing the top bunk, newer styles boast built-in staircases that make reaching the top safer and more convenient. Conversely, some bunk bed designs appeal to the playful side of children by including slides for a fun alternative to climbing down a ladder or Bunkstairs.

The best bunk bed style and design ultimately falls to the discretion of the buyer. Some people may place an emphasis on appearance and functionality above all other attributes, while others might want to strike more of a balance between safety, play time, and study time. With so many bunk bed styles available on the market, finding the right one is easier when you take the time to research and figure out what you're really looking for.