Kids Basketball Bunks

Bunk Bed with Basketball Hoop

Do you have trouble putting your rowdy tykes to bed because of all their pent-up energy? If so, we have the perfect solution! Kids bunk beds with basketball hoops give children an outlet for their vigor and make bedtime fun.

Sturdy Construction
Available in sleek twin-over-twin formations, these basketball-themed beds are perfect for grade and middle school aged children. Frames are constructed with unflinchingly modern and reliably sturdy metal for a minimalist look that easily fits the decor of any kids room.

Storage Space & Safety Features
Each bunk bed with basketball hoop also includes two differently sized bookshelves and a cubby that can be removed and rearranged to fit your child's needs. Additionally, the top bunk features railings for safety and a floating tray perfect for drinks and snacks.