Girls Bedroom Sets

Complete Bedroom Furniture Sets for Girls

Girls bedroom sets are a simple way to save money and outfit an entire room at the same time. Invite your child to help you select a style that showcases her personality. Available in an array of sizes, colors, and price points, a girls bedroom set creates the perfect place for her to imagine, rest, and play. More


When choosing girls bedroom sets, think about the age of your daughter and how long you'd like the pieces to last. For little children, a twin size bed is an ideal fit. As she gets older, she might prefer a larger full size. Buy the biggest girls bedroom set that suits her current age and existing space, or choose an adjustable option that can grow with her.


To find the special collection that speaks to her, consider a range of girls bedroom set choices. Panel or upholstered designs provide the right combination of simple and chic for tweens and teens. Little ones will love the regal air of daybed, poster, sleigh, and canopy girls bedroom sets. Young readers appreciate a bookcase headboard with storage for favorite novels and toys.

Colors and Finishes

The right color or finish can help you achieve any look. For a rustic vibe, consider a girls bedroom set in slate gray or weathered wood. In princess-themed rooms, White. ivory or silver suites make an elegant statement. Dark cherry girls bedroom sets offer traditional appeal, while black pieces have a modern feel and contrast nicely against bright and neutral accents alike.

Budget and Time

Shopping for girls bedroom sets can be more affordable than buying each piece separately. Completing the whole room with a single purchase also saves a lot of effort. When you're mixing and matching furniture from different stores, it can be tough and time-consuming to get a cohesive look. With a girls bedroom set, every item is made to work together beautifully.