Room Dividers & Partitions

Privacy Screens, Room Dividers & Partitions

Practical Partitions

Both functional and beautiful room dividers are a smart choice for your home decor. From petite and portable to solid and sturdy, these partitions provide a stylish solution for multipurpose rooms. Whether you want to designate an office space in your den or section off a vanity area in the master suite, these pieces help to define your layout.

Select Your Style

To find the right room divider, begin by considering which models would best complement your home decor:

  • Create a modern aesthetic using pieces with streamlined profiles and neutral colors, such as a sleek and elegant Chinese-inspired privacy screen.
  • If you favor classic home decor, consider a partition with a detailed frame and artwork in a Japanese style. For a little more warmth in your traditional design, try a wood divider.
  • For a more contemporary feel, try using organizer cubes and shelves, or a folding model that you can adjust to fit your space.
  • When you want to channel a laidback coastal or tropical look, consider a bamboo room divider.

Sized to Fit

Our selection also includes a range of sizes, so it's easy to find a panel room divider to suit your needs. A 3-panel model provides small-scale coverage for a bathroom changing area or a dorm study corner. For bigger jobs like dividing your twins' shared bedroom or adding a layer of privacy to your patio, try a wider 4-panel or 6-panel room divider.

Choose Your Hues

Whatever your color scheme, you can find a gorgeous room divider to coordinate. Partitions with black frames and screens balance a vibrant palette and bring a sense of sophistication to your home decor. On the other hand, white dividers add a bright, refreshing vibe to your design while serving as a dynamic backdrop to furnishings in bolder hues.