Floral Poufs

Floral Poufs & Floor Pillows

Use plush floral poufs to give your home a fun, fashionable flair. Choose a gray and white pouf with a whimsical dandelion motif to add softness and charm to your baby's nursery. Or, create an elegant vibe in your studio apartment using a model with a poinsettia-style prism pattern. For a subtle, yet sophisticated look, try a pouf featuring luxurious velvet upholstery and an upward-facing daisy seat.

Whatever your design preferences, you can find a stylish floral pouf to complement your tastes. Poufs featuring sleek, golden angle legs give your space a chic, polished appearance. On the other hand, low-profile beanbag-style seats suit a more casual, laidback aesthetic. There are even cushy floor pillow poufs that add cheerful color and charming softness to your little one's playroom.