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These comfy, cozy and somewhat structure-less cushions make a great addition to spaces as varied as living rooms, bedrooms, kid’s hangouts, and outdoor lounges. Poufs are best described as a softer, more relaxed version of an ottoman More

What We Love About Poufs

Poufs typically are typically formed from cushioning of varying firmness, wrapped in fabric or leather upholstery with no rigid structure inside. Ottomans typically have a wooden internal structure that is covered with padding and fabric, leather and even faux fur.

Crafted as spheres, cubes, cubes or flat like a floor pillow, poufs are used as footstools or extra seating in the living room. They can add a pop of color to wake up your space. A firm pouf with a tray can function as an end table or poufs can be tucked under an open base console table or end table to stay out of the way until needed.

Continue the color story and add a touch of texture with a pouf in a kid’s room. What teen doesn’t need an extra spot or two for friends to sit? Soft, comfy surfaces are always a great addition to a nursery or playroom. Look for poufs with washable covers or stain-resistant fabrics.

Indoor/outdoor poufs have rugged durability that is great for use on porches, patios and decks. Crafted from resilient materials, they are also a great option for playrooms and family rooms in busy households with kids and pets.

Build a unique and sophisticated look by expanding the textures and hues in your room. Poufs add functionality, character and style to your home.