Beige Sleeper Sofas

Beige Sofa Beds & Sectionals

A beige sleeper sofa is a plush and practical addition to any home. Aside from providing comfy seating, these couches can transform into cozy and convenient sleep spaces. These pieces are a smart choice for saving space in a studio apartment or offering an extra guest room sleep spot to visiting relatives. Sleeper sofas are also very affordable ranging from $300 - $1000.

Shop this selection to find beige sleeper sofas for each of your rooms. A small-scale sleeper chair with a built-in twin bed is a fitting choice for a kids' room, while a loveseat with a pull-out full-size mattress suits a larger guest room. On the other hand, a sofa or sectional featuring a grand queen-size mattress would fit well in a spacious living room or basement.