Sleeper Sofas

Convertible Sleeper Sofa Beds

Sleeper sofas are stylish, functional pieces that suit many different lifestyles. These versatile sofas can substitute for beds in studio apartments or comfortably host overnight visitors in homes without guest bedrooms. Since shopping for sleeper sofas means thinking about what you want from both a bed and a couch, take size, budget and mattress type into consideration. More

How to Choose a Sleeper Sofa

When you want the best for your overnight guests, consider investing in one of these sleeper sofas. Entertain on the stylish sofa during the day, and then transform your living room into a cozy guest room by unfolding the hidden bed at night. The hideaway mattresses range from plush to firm and are sure to soothe your company into a restful sleep. These sleeper sofas come in every color and texture to complement any home decor, including:

Size and Budget

Sleeper sofas range in size from twin to king. To avoid moving furniture around every time you need to use the bed, allow for plenty of space in your room for the sofa to open up. Additionally, keep in mind that these pieces are heavy and difficult to move because they contain bedframes. Pick a spot for your couch that will work for years to come.

In tiny spaces, loveseat or chair beds with twin mattresses may be the best fit. For a little more room, models with full-size mattresses also work great in apartments. These pieces comfortably fit one guest, though they may also accommodate two in a pinch. For those using sleeper sofas nightly, standard, three-seat sofas with queen mattresses are the most popular choice. This option is comfortable for one person or can easily handle two guests. Knowing your budget will help you decide what price range to browse, whether it's $1000, $500 or closer to $300.

Mattress & Couch Styles

Sleeping on a pull-out bed doesn't mean you have to sacrifice comfort. Manufacturers produce sleeper sofa mattresses that are comparable to those purchased for traditional bedroom sets. Innerspring mattresses are a common choice to provide back support, while memory foam mattresses have thick layers of plush foam for maximum softness. Inflatable airbeds are also popular because of their easy storage. For the best of both worlds, try an air-coil hybrid mattress that offers a traditional innerspring model topped with an airbed. Foam toppers or other comfort-enhancing options exist for most mattress types.

Sleeper sofas may also store their mattresses differently. Futon-style couches feature one cushion atop metal or wooden frames that recline to create a flat sleeping surface. Pull-out style pieces, in which the bi-fold mattress is stored within a standard sofa are more common. Mattresses for this style of couch usually fold away for storage underneath the seat cushions.


When choosing a sleeper sofa, be sure to test the folding mechanisms. A good quality sleeper sofa should lift up and out in a smooth motion. Lockdown bars ensure proper closing and easy opening. The pull out sleeper bed frame will typically be metal. You’ll want to check it for sturdiness. As with any sofa, the most desirable sofa frame material is kiln-dried hardwood, as it is durable and least likely to warp or snap. It is also helpful to consider the sofa's upholstery, with available options like fabric, linen and microfiber.